General terms and conditions

1. Basic Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the legal relationship between the guest/customer, hereinafter referred to as the guest, and Hotel Adula AG as the operator of the traditional Hotel Adula, hereinafter referred to as the hotel. For simplicity, these GTC always refer to the contract, regardless of the service in question. Only the hotel’s terms and conditions valid at the time of contract conclusion apply. The guest’s general terms and conditions are only applicable if expressly and in writing agreed upon before contract signing. If individual provisions of these GTC are ineffective or invalid, it does not affect the validity of the contract and the remaining GTC provisions. Otherwise, statutory regulations apply.

2. Jurisdiction/Applicable Law

For any disputes arising from this contract, Flims Waldhaus in the canton of Graubünden is the place of jurisdiction unless another legally mandatory place of jurisdiction exists. Swiss law exclusively applies to all contract, reservation, potential additional agreements, and general conditions. The place of performance and payment is the hotel’s registered office.

3. Definitions

Groups: Groups, for the purposes of these GTC, are travel groups or events with a minimum of 10 booked rooms.

Individual Guests: Individual guests, as per these GTC, are all reservations made individually through our booking options and correspond to fewer than 10 rooms per night, and have not been confirmed in writing by Hotel Adula as a group.

Written Confirmations: Email messages also qualify as written confirmations.

Contracting Parties: The guest and the hotel are the contracting parties.

4. Subject of the Contract / Scope of Application

The contract for the rental of rooms, seminar rooms, spaces, as well as the provision of other deliveries and services, comes into effect with the written confirmation of the guest or implicitly. A reservation made on the day of arrival itself becomes binding at the moment of acceptance by the hotel. Contractual changes become binding for the hotel only through a (written) reconfirmation. Unilateral changes or additions to the contract by the guest are ineffective. Subleasing and further leasing of the provided rooms, as well as their use for purposes other than accommodation, require prior written consent from the hotel.

5. Scope of Services

The scope of services under the contract is determined by the individually made and confirmed reservation of the guest. The guest, unless other contractual agreements are made, has no claim to a specific room. If, despite a confirmed reservation, no rooms are available in the hotel, the hotel must inform the guest in a timely manner and offer equivalent replacement in a nearby hotel of a comparable or higher category. Any additional costs for the replacement accommodation are borne by the hotel. If the guest declines the replacement room, the hotel must promptly refund any services already provided by the guest (e.g., deposits). No further claims exist for the guest if the replacement accommodation was equivalent.

6. Duration of Use

Subject to other agreements, the guest has the right to use the rented rooms from 3:00 PM on the agreed arrival day until 11:30 AM on the departure day. In the case of a delayed release of the room by the guest, the hotel may charge CHF 50 per hour for usage beyond the contract period or, for more than 3 hours, at least 50% of the full room rate (rack rate). After 6:00 PM, the full room rate will be charged. This does not establish contractual claims for the guest’s ordinary continued use of the spaces; the right to claim damages remains reserved. In the event of delayed departure from the room, the hotel reserves the right to remove the guest’s belongings from the room and store them at a suitable location in the hotel at the guest’s expense.

7. Prices / Obligation to Pay

The prices communicated by the hotel are in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include the statutory value-added tax. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed or applicable prices of the hotel for the provision of rooms and any additional services used by the guest. This also applies to orders placed by the guest’s companions and visitors. Any increase in statutory levies after the conclusion of the contract is borne by the guest. Price indications in foreign currencies are approximate and will be calculated at the respective daily exchange rate. The prices confirmed by the hotel are valid. The hotel reserves the right to change prices if the guest subsequently requests changes to the number of booked rooms, the hotel’s services, or the duration of the guests’ stay. Depending on the agreement, the hotel may request a deposit. The final invoice includes the agreed-upon price plus any additional amounts incurred due to additional services provided by the hotel for the guest and/or accompanying persons. The final invoice must be paid – unless otherwise agreed – in Swiss Francs, either in cash or by accepted credit card, no later than the check-out on the departure day. In any case no later than 15 days after the delivery of the final invoice.

8. Termination by the Hotel

The hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time with immediate effect and unilaterally through written declaration for valid reasons. Valid reasons include:

  • An agreed prepayment or security deposit is not made within the set deadline by the hotel.
  • Force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of the hotel that objectively make the fulfillment of the contract impossible.
  • Rooms or spaces are booked or used under misleading or false information, e.g., regarding the guest’s identity or the purpose of use.
  • The hotel has justified reason to believe that the use of the agreed services may adversely affect the smooth operation of the business, the safety of other hotel guests, or the reputation of the hotel.
  • The guest has become insolvent (bankruptcy or unsuccessful seizure) or has ceased payments.
  • The purpose or occasion of the stay is illegal.

In the event of the hotel’s withdrawal for the aforementioned reasons, the guest is not entitled to compensation, and payment for the booked services remains generally due.

9. Cancellation of Reservation / Cancellation Fees

a) Cancellation

Cancellation of the reservation requires the written approval of the hotel. If not received, the agreed price must be paid even if the guest does not utilize contractual services. In the case of a guest’s non-appearance (« no-show »), the entire stay will be invoiced. The decisive factor for calculating cancellation fees is the arrival of the guest’s written cancellation at the hotel, applicable to both letters and email messages. If the guest withdraws from the contract without an approved cancellation or if changes or cancellations are made to specific reserved services, the hotel may invoice the following cancellation fees.

b) Cancellation Fees for Individual Bookings

For individual reservations, it may happen that, for various reasons, you cannot embark on your journey. If you inform us more than 15 days in advance, this cancellation is free of charge. In case of cancellation between 14 to 7 days before the arrival date, we will charge 50% of the booked arrangement. For cancellations between 6 to 3 days before arrival, we will charge 75% of the booked stay, and for cancellations within 2 days or less before arrival, 100% will be charged. This regulation also applies to late arrivals or early departures.

c) Cancellation Fees for Groups and Events

For group bookings, the following proportionate breakdown applies in the event of partial cancellation:

From 180 days in advance – 75% of the contractually agreed total costs, which can be canceled free of charge.
Up to 90 days in advance – 50% of the contractually agreed total costs, which can be reduced free of charge.
Up to 40 days in advance – 30% of the contractually agreed total costs, which can be reduced free of charge.
Up to 28 days in advance – 20% of the contractually agreed total costs, which can be reduced free of charge.
Up to 14 days in advance – 5% of the contractually agreed total costs, which can be reduced free of charge.
From 5 days in advance – 0% of the contractually agreed total costs, which can be reduced free of charge.

d) Cancellation Fees for FIT Bookings

For FIT bookings, unless otherwise agreed in writing and signed by both parties, the following provisions apply:

High Season:

Up to 60 days before arrival: 75% of the booked costs are free of charge at cancellation.
Up to 20 days before arrival: 75% of the booked costs are free of charge at cancellation.
From 20 days before arrival: 20% of the booked costs are free of charge at cancellation.
From 10 days before arrival: No free cancellation.

Low Season:

Up to 30 days before arrival: 75% of the booked costs are free of charge at cancellation.
Up to 10 days before arrival: 50% of the booked costs are free of charge at cancellation.
From 10 days before arrival: No free cancellation.

10. Impossibility of Arrival

If the guest is unable to arrive or arrive on time due to force majeure (floods, avalanches, earthquakes, government travel restrictions, etc.), they are not obliged to pay the agreed fee for the missed days. The guest must prove the impossibility of arrival. However, the obligation to pay for the booked stay revives from the moment arrival becomes possible again.

11. Early Departure

If the guest departs prematurely, the hotel is entitled to invoice 100% of the total booked services.

12.  Stay / Keys / Security / Internet / Smoking

The hotel room is exclusively reserved for the registered guest. Granting the room to a third person or its use by an additional person requires the (written) approval of the hotel. By entering into a contract, the guest acquires the right to the usual use of the rented rooms and the hotel’s facilities by all booked persons, which are normally accessible to guests without special conditions, and to normal service. The guest must exercise their rights in accordance with any hotel and/or guest policies (house rules). The room card issued by the hotel remains the property of the hotel and provides 24-hour access to the hotel. The loss of the card/key must be reported immediately at the reception. A damaged card will be charged CHF 5.-, and the loss of the card will be charged CHF 5.- to the guest. For internet access, the guest must log in through the Wi-Fi landing page, choosing between their room number or providing their mobile number. This service is free for all guests. The guest is responsible for misuse and illegal behavior when using the internet.

Smoking is only allowed in specifically designated areas/rooms throughout the hotel. Possible costs arising from disregarding this house rule will be charged to the guest without consultation. If the room requires additional waste disposal and cleaning upon departure, the Hotel Adula may charge these costs without consultation.

13. Extension of Stay

Unless otherwise agreed, the guest has no entitlement to an extension of their stay. If, on the day of departure, the guest cannot leave the hotel due to unforeseeable extraordinary circumstances/force majeure (e.g., extreme snowfall, floods, etc.) blocking or rendering all departure options unusable, the contract will automatically be extended for the duration of the impossibility of departure under the existing conditions.

14. Additional Conditions for Groups

Group rates apply only with prior agreement and written confirmation from the hotel. For a group with fewer than 10 rooms, individual traveler rates apply. The final number of persons in the group (including a name list) must be communicated to the hotel no later than 14 calendar days before the group’s arrival. In the case of group reservation cancellations, the cancellation fees listed under point 9 c) apply.

15. Food and Beverages

All food and beverages must be exclusively obtained from the hotel. In exceptional cases (specialties, etc.), a different written agreement can be made, and in such cases, the hotel is entitled to charge a service fee or corkage.

16. Handling of Events

I. General Provisions

If the hotel, at the guest’s request, procures technical and other facilities from third parties, it acts on behalf of the guest. The guest is responsible for the careful handling and proper return of the facilities. The hotel is indemnified by the guest against any third-party claims arising from the use of these facilities. The use of the guest’s own electrical equipment and devices using the hotel’s power supply requires prior written approval from the hotel. Disturbances or damages to the hotel’s technical facilities caused by the use of these devices are the responsibility of the guest, unless the hotel is at fault. The hotel may charge a flat rate for the electricity costs incurred by the use of electrical equipment and devices. With the hotel’s consent, the guest is entitled to use their own telephone, fax, and data transmission facilities. The hotel may charge connection and connection fees (see separate list) for this. Disruptions to the hotel’s provided technical or other facilities will be rectified as soon as possible upon notification by the guest. If the hotel is not responsible for the disruptions, they do not reduce performance claims or create liabilities. The guest must obtain all necessary permits from authorities at their own expense for the event’s execution. The guest is responsible for complying with permits and all other public-law regulations related to the event. Fines for violations of permits are to be paid by the guest.

The guest is responsible for handling the necessary formalities and settlements related to music performances and sound amplification with relevant institutions (e.g., SUISA). If an event lasts beyond 24:00, a surcharge will be calculated for each started hour.

II. Catering

Catering is based on the agreements made. The hotel must receive the final menu and wine selection 14 days before the event. The number of participants for a specific meal or similar events must be confirmed by the organizer 48 hours in advance. Invoicing is based on the confirmed or possibly higher actual number of participants. The number of participants in meals or similar events with simultaneous overnight stays at the hotel is generally calculated based on the number of overnight stays or possibly a higher actual number of participants. To ensure optimal room allocation, the organizer notes on the participant list the priority of participants and any disabilities, allergies, or other special needs. The quality of food and beverages (e.g., coffee breaks, meals, etc.) can only be guaranteed if participants arrive at the agreed time or if the organizer informs the hotel of delays in meals in a timely manner (at least 1 hour in advance). For delays exceeding 30 minutes, additional costs (e.g., staff expenses) will be charged.

III. Room Rental and Usage

Banquets do not incur room rental fees, except in à la carte restaurants if exclusivity is desired. The use of the room is temporally defined. Outside these times, the hotel can use the room. The Hotel Adula reserves the right to exchange room reservations for meetings, meals, etc., if it corresponds to the organizer’s requirements and interests and is reasonable for them. This includes situations where the original number of participants changes up to the event. The hotel also reserves the right to charge a price surcharge for short-notice changes in the program (e.g., change of room seating, change of menu, etc.). Additional employee effort (e.g., cleanup), additional costs for power consumption (e.g., disco), additional waste disposal, and additional cleaning work may be charged by the hotel without consultation. The organizer must provide detailed information to the Hotel Adula no later than 14 days before the event. This includes the program, a participant list, information about the setup of meeting rooms and technical equipment, and any other information needed for a smooth event.

IV. Sending Event Material

For advance shipment of materials to ensure safe storage or to provide a self-declaration for customs authorities, the Hotel Adula requires the following information:

  • Date of shipment
  • The institution through which the material was sent (post, DHL, etc.)
  • Exact number, size, weight, and any other characteristics of the packages
  • Content of the material with its insurance value

Additionally, these materials should be addressed to the responsible contact person of the organizer and labeled with the name of the event.

V. Payment Terms

Invoices from the Hotel Adula must be paid within 30 days from the invoice date without deduction. Complaints must be made within 10 days of the invoice date. The hotel generally assumes that all invoices are borne by the organizer. If the organizer wishes for special billing methods or a specific breakdown of the bill, they must inform the hotel before the event. Even in these cases, the organizer remains responsible for any unpaid invoices. If the agreed deposit deadlines in the individual contract are not met, the Hotel Adula is entitled to cancel the event. In this case, the hotel’s compensation is calculated like the cancellation fees, with the missed deposit corresponding to the cancellation date.

The cancellation fees are calculated according to the schedule in the individual contract. In the case of partial cancellations, the cancellation breakdown in section 9 c) is applied proportionally. The number of persons reported up to 48 hours before the event is considered the effective basis for invoicing. It is binding and will be invoiced at 100%. Additional participants will be invoiced at the agreed conditions. After the event, you will receive a detailed invoice statement of the services provided from us. The payment deadline is 30 days from the invoice date.

VI. Advance Payment

For events over CHF 5,000, a staggered advance payment of 100% of the confirmed services is required to the following bank account:

Account at Graubündner Kantonalbank in 7002 Chur,

addressed to Hotel Adula AG, 7018 Flims-Waldhaus,

Account number CK 164.676.100, BLZ 774.

For international transfers: Swift Code GRKBCH2270A, IBAN CH83 0077 4110 1646 7610 0.

The advance payment steps are as follows:

From 180 days before the event: 50% of the confirmed services.
90 days before the event: 75% of the confirmed services.
30 days before the event: 90% of the confirmed services.
14 days before the event: 100% of the confirmed services.

The advance payment is considered a partial payment towards the agreed-upon compensation. Instead of an advance payment, the hotel may also request a credit card guarantee. The deadlines for advance payments must be strictly adhered to. In the event of a failure to make the required advance payment or provide a credit card guarantee on time, the hotel may immediately (without notice) withdraw from the contract, including all promised services, and demand the cancellation costs listed under clause 9 of these terms and conditions. The hotel has the right to invoice or interim invoice its services to the guest at any time. For last-minute reservations, the hotel requires a credit card guarantee covering the entire booking amount.

17. Items Brought in by the Guest

Guests’ personal belongings, including exhibition or other items, are at the guest’s risk in the event rooms or on the hotel premises. The hotel does not assume any duty of surveillance and safekeeping. The hotel is not liable for the loss, destruction, or damage to the items brought in, except in cases of gross negligence or intent by the hotel. The security and exhibition of valuable items are the responsibility of the organizer. It is the organizer’s responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance for the situations mentioned in Section 17. Any brought-in decorative material must comply with fire safety requirements. The hotel is entitled to request official proof. The arrangement and placement of items must be discussed with the hotel beforehand due to potential damage. The hotel entrance, reception area, and hotel halls may not be used for the exhibition of promotional materials, etc. However, with prior agreement with the Hotel Adula’s designated contact person for the event, the placement or hanging of a company logo (e.g., for the welcome desk) may be possible. The items brought in for exhibitions or other purposes must be removed immediately after the event. If items are left behind, the hotel may remove and/or store them at the guest’s expense. If removal involves disproportionately high effort, the hotel may leave the items in the event room and charge the guest the usual room rent for the duration of their presence. Packaging material (cardboard, boxes, plastic, etc.) resulting from the delivery of event supplies by the guest or third parties must be disposed of by the guest. If the guest leaves packaging material in the hotel, the hotel is entitled to dispose of it at the guest’s expense.

18. Actions, Use, and Liability

a) Hotel

The hotel limits liability to the guest within legal possibilities for slight and moderate negligence and is liable only for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence. In case of disruptions or defects in the hotel’s services, the hotel will endeavor to remedy the situation upon immediate notification by the guest. If the guest fails to report a defect to the hotel in a timely manner, there is no entitlement to a reduction in the contractually agreed-upon fee. The hotel is liable for items brought in by guests according to legal provisions, i.e., up to the amount of CHF 1,000. Items considered brought in are those kept by the guest in their hotel room and the designated safe. The hotel is not liable for slight and moderate negligence. If valuables (jewelry, etc.), cash, or securities are not handed over to the hotel for safekeeping, the hotel’s liability is waived within legal possibilities. The hotel recommends storing money and valuables in the reception safe. If any damage is not reported to the hotel immediately upon discovery, the guest’s claims will be forfeited. The hotel is not liable for services that it has only arranged for the guest. The hotel disclaims any liability for the theft and damage of materials brought in by third parties.

b) Guest

The guest is liable to the hotel for all damages and losses caused by them, companions, or their assistants or event participants, without the hotel having to prove fault on the part of the guest. The guest is responsible for the correct use and proper return of all technical aids/facilities provided by the hotel or procured through third parties on behalf of the guest and is liable for damages and losses. The guest is liable for services and expenses incurred by the hotel on behalf of the guest with third parties.

c) Third Party

If a third party makes a booking for the guest, they are liable to the hotel as the ordering party for all obligations arising from the contract. Regardless, every ordering party is obliged to forward all booking-related information, especially these general terms and conditions, to the guest.

19. Dogs

Dogs are only allowed in the hotel with prior approval and for a fee of CHF 25. The guest bringing a pet into the hotel is obligated to keep the animal properly during their stay or, at their expense, have it supervised or cared for by suitable third parties. Please note that certain dog breeds must wear a muzzle, in accordance with legal regulations. Animals are not allowed in the wellness area, restaurants, and the hotel’s Kids Club.

20. Lost Property

Lost property will be sent after departure if ownership is clear, and the guest’s residential/business address is known. The costs and risks of forwarding are borne by the guest. If ownership is unclear, the items will be handed over to the local lost property office after a three-month storage period.

21. Additional Provisions

If the guest wishes services not provided by the hotel itself, the hotel acts only as an intermediary. Legal statutes of limitations apply, and for damages claims, an absolute limitation period of 6 months after departure applies, if changeable. Hotel Adula acts in the name and on behalf of the orderer to procure technical or other facilities or book services from third parties. The orderer is liable for the care and proper return and indemnifies Hotel Adula from claims. Advertisements in the media (such as newspapers, radio, television, internet) referring to events in the hotel, with or without the use of the unchanged company logo, require prior written approval from the hotel. Defamatory or offensive comments on review platforms (such as TripAdvisor) about hotel services that can be proven untrue and refuted by the hotel will be reported to the relevant authorities. Claims for damages and compensation by the hotel are reserved.

22. Accepted Payment Methods

Bank transfer, cash payment, Maestro, Postcard, Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, or Diners Club are accepted. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

23. Credit Card Information

Credit card details are treated confidentially. No charges will be made in advance unless otherwise stated in the booking conditions. The credit card serves only as a guarantee for the reservation. The hotel reserves the right to carry out a credit card authorization before arrival. In case of non-arrival or cancellation, any applicable amount (see cancellation conditions) will be charged. By accepting the T&C in the confirmation, you allow us to charge the amount to the specified credit card. We recommend taking out cancellation insurance for contingencies such as accidents, illness, delayed arrival, or early departure.

24. Prices and Best Price Guarantee

The prices on our website are highly competitive. We want you to pay the lowest possible price for your stay. If you find your accommodation at the same reservation conditions and a lower price on the internet at the time of booking, we will adjust our price to match the lower one. Special offers, including Genius discounts on Mobile Booking and, and similar platforms, are excluded from this policy. The offers on our website are exclusively bookable either through the designated booking link on our website under the corresponding offer or via a written request to the hotel. Please note that the respective offer is only valid within the specified validity period and with the corresponding written booking confirmation from Hotel Adula. The currency converter is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered accurate and binding. Current prices may vary.

25. Surcharges

Tourist tax is not included in the room price and is charged at CHF 5.00 per person/night.

26. Privacy Policy

The hotel guarantees that all data provided to them will be used exclusively for the intended purpose.

27. House Rules

If the guest violates the house rules and/or local laws, the hotel can exercise its right to the house rules and ask the guest to leave. A warning may or may not be issued in advance. In this case, the guest remains liable for the total amount of their pre-booked services.